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1. What school do you go to?

St.Lawrence School,Unnao…and also too Saraswati Vidya Mandir Inter College,Kanpur

2. What is your worst teacher’s initials?

Sara mam i shoud not say that but i used to Hate her at that time

3. Who do you sit next to in homeroom?

amm..there were many but i preffer to sit with Prakhar Gupta,Nikhil Kumar,Shivam Bajpai,vikrant,bilal

4. Do you get into a lot of trouble at school?

-  aha! don’t ask me that a lot off trobles everyday.i used to be the naughtiest guy in class.

5. The best part of your school?

- metting friends was the best part of school

6. What was the worse thing that you did in school?

come on Dude! i was the naughtiest guy in class there was nothing worse then that.

7. Who is or was your favorite teacher?

haha  i can’t remember any

8. Is this school better than the last school?


9. Who do you hang out with at school?

Nikhil,shivam,prakhar,shubham,rishi and may more 

11. How many detentions have you had?

-  00 

12. Do you like your principal?


13. Are your school dances fun?


14. How average are you?

there is no need to describe average.

15. Do you like your teacher this year?

only some

16. Is a female teacher a better one?

- Oh Yeah! Dude female teacher’s are HOT!

17. How many students in your class?

- “43” as much i remember 

18. How many recess’ do you get?

- “1”

19. What do you have in your locker?

In India Student’s don’t have lockers 

20. Has anything embarassing happen to anyone in your class?


21. Is your class a good one or a bad one?

over all class was fantastic 

22. What are your favorite subjects this year?

english ” well you can see that”

23. Are you loved at this school?

you should ask my friend 

23. Do you get alot of homework?

YA! but i never

24. How many schools have you gone to?

- “3”

25. What did you say that made the whole class burst out laughting?

- I don’t remember but ya many times i made class laughed 

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