Bored With Formspring &

by Atul Tiwari

So are you bored with formspring and and googling for new Q&A websites?,No need to do that anymore.,let me introduce you with some awesome Question and Answers websites on the Web.

1- is the premier opinion-based discussion community where visitors discover, debate, and discuss today’s hottest issues. Millions of SodaHeads share their unique views on hot topics, breaking news, and controversial issues and a diverse panel of staff writers provide original and exclusive content daily. Users create personal profiles and engage with fellow members around shared interests. offers a wide variety of interactive features including slideshows, profile creation, groups, message boards, and original content.

 If you used formspring then it’s the best site for you it’s pretty similar to formspring. they got raves count which is similar to smile counts on formspring, you can add people as your friends,msg them directly,write onn there walls, use some HTML to make your profile look awesome.

2 - 

Amirite is new and innovative and something unique, which many new sites of this nature lack. It differs from Facebook and Twitter as users opinions are voiced straight to the viral world, while at the same time people can build strong tight -knit communities and form long-term friendships with a variety of people: Offering the best of both Twitter’s openness and Facebook’s community spirit.

Amirite was recently announced as a top 3 winner in the UK’s largest Investment Competition with judges comprising of some of the world’s leading Venture Capital Firms such as Accel, DoughtyHanson, Index Ventures and Fidelity Growth Partners.

There are currently over 700,000 posts, 2 million comments and nearly a billion votes have already been processed. Votes are used for ranking opinions and a sophisticated achievement system is in place too. is the only platform on the Internet which is solely focused on people’s opinions. Suitably their slogan is ‘Every opinion matters’.

3 -

Youreply is new to web and people the website was launched when there were rumors about “formsprings shutting down” it is been also called the “new formspring” with all formspring functions.

4 - the other Questions and Answer Website.the website is simple,user-friendly and completely annoymous.

5 -

Formvote is a Vote and Discussion Based Q&A website. Want to get the general public response about the best vacation spot in the world? Itching to find out which smartphone OS is better between Android and iOS? As long as you’re content with getting just plain text-based answers to all your burning questions, you can resort to a variety of online services, such as, Yahoo! Answers and, but if you’re looking for a Q&A based platform that blends the elements of crowdsourcing with socializing and interactive vote-based answering, then you must give Formvote a try. Using this user-friendly platform, you can post your own questions, supplement them with images, videos and all the available choices for answers, and get the opinion of worldwide users. Similarly, you can view a live feed of questions posted by users from all across the globe and help them with finding the answers by voting on their posts. Formvote also lets you follow other users’ posts, make friends with them, share private messages with them, and indulge in discussions on any post that requires some sort of argumentation to help you reach to a better conclusion.


Rrrather is is Would you rather Question and Answer Website Create polls with it ask your friends to vote for example :-

Ex - Who Created the World? GOD or BIGBANG!

7 -

Have you ever wondered what pick-up lines have actually worked on a girl or why a guy never called when he promised he would? Have you ever liked someone from a distance but didn’t know how to talk to them? Have you ever wanted honest advice about dating, romance and love or candid answers about intimate issues or embarrassing situations? GirlsAskGuys is your source for getting answers to all of these questions and more!

Questions and answers are, for the most part, uncensored and posts can be anonymous so you can be completely honest and open. We have thousands of members with unique personalities and lifestyles all eager to offer insight and share their experiences. You can count on getting real answers and advice from people who understand.

Ask anything, share everything it’s an interactive, anonymous and virtually uncensored way to learn everything you always wanted to know about the opposite sex!

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